How To Pack A Suitcase: Pro Tips

When you’re at home, you usually have all the things you need near you. There is necessary stuff and there are lots of unnecessary stuff, here and there, that’s what happens with the home. But, when you’re going for a trip, a vacation or office works, lasting 1-2 weeks, your suitcase becomes your home. You have to organize your things effectively. Messy and unselective packing is not an option, especially when you have just the space for a suitcase. That’s why it’s important to know how to pack a suitcase for 2 weeks.

The good news is, with intelligent packing, you’ll find it easy to take your necessary things, even some of the luxuries with you on a 2-week trip.

How To Pack A Suitcase For 2 Weeks

Plan Ahead

Many people don’t plan ahead of their trip, only to find themselves panicked right before the journey. Make your plans before.

Make a list of items you want to take with you. This will help you check and recheck if there’s anything left. Put all the items before you, which will help you arrange them in the most effective order.

How To Pack A Suitcase For 2 Weeks

Make a list of things you can’t stay without. Important documents like passport and visas, smartphones, eyeglasses, medicines. Keep them in a secure place where you can access easily.

Shoes And Clothes

You might need an extra pair of shoes for your trip. It’s better to keep them at the bottom part of the suitcase. Do not forget to clean the extra pair of shoes beforehand, dry completely and wrap it before putting it on suitcase. If you are going to a tourist area, you can buy an extra pair if you need, but it’s always better to stay safe than sorry. To Know our exclusive latest guide of how to wash a backpack

As for clothes, the rule of 3 is always effective. The rule of three is taking three sets of clothes with you. So that you can wash one, dry one and wear one. And you can go for as long as you want this way.

However, pants cans are worn for more than one day, so if you have a lack of space, you can take two pants. Always try to take 3 interchangeable sets so that you can make the highest combinations.

Shoes And Clothes

If you have the intention of washing the clothes by yourself, you can take some detergent powders with you. If you want to take professional service, keep the number of laundry service beforehand.

If you’re going to a humid area, try to take light clothes with you. Jeans, t-shirts is good if this is not an official trip. If you’re going to a cold area, take an extra pair of underwear, socks, and jacket with you.

Take Appropriate Containers And Travel Size Toiletries

Taking full-size bottles and toiletries will consume a lot of space of your suitcase. That’s why, take small sized containers, Ziplocs, and toiletries with you. You will get small sized bottles for refilling shampoo or body spray in the departmental stores. It’s also to buy mini-packs. Same goes to toothpaste and other toiletries. There are sizes suitable for a journey in the departmental stores.

Respect People

Different areas have a different culture. The cultures differ in food, language, and clothing. When you go to a place, try to respect the culture. Like when visiting in a conservative area, dress in a way that doesn’t seem uncomfortable to them. Respect their language and food habits.

A small courtesy goes a long way. This will save you not only from being harassed in an unknown place, you’ll even find many friends among the locals.

Packing Advice

Before stuffing your things into the suitcase spread them out on your bed. Take your checklist and see if anything’s left.

Do not think about what you can take. Think about what you can go without. This way, you’ll be able to prioritize your stuff. Take your extra pair of shoes at the bottom, pack them. Then take your clothes. A good way is rolling them, or fold them in half, with sleeves inside the fold. Put them in a systematic way to save space. Put socks on the shoes.

Take necessary documents and keep them in the outer, flat pocket of the suitcase so that they don’t get torn up and you can access them anytime.

Packing advice

Keep items like a smartphone, tablet, glasses in a place that has padding, protection.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Pack your bag at the night before the journey. Check if your suitcase is fit for the journey. Watch if there are any broken parts or damaged zippers, do not compromise the defects.
  • Take your phones fully charged, take external power sources like power-bank if you can. Take earphones, magazines, earplugs and eye mask with you. Do not forget documents and medicines.
  • Do not take any stuff that might be considered dangerous in the airport. For example, knife, razors or any sharp objects. Pack your things in a way that even if you have to go through manual checking, the work becomes easier.
  • Avoid taking any plant, animal on a long trip. Make arrangement for them with your friends, families, and neighbors beforehand.
  • Travel light. Many people can’t resist taking food, even processed food with them. This affects your movability. Try not to take extra foods unless you have to. You can always grab some snacks or coffee in any corner.
  • Take your jewelry in a small plastic box. Or you can keep them in a film container, wrapped in tissue. As for fragile items, take them wrapped with thick, soft items, preferably your clothes.

Final discussion of how to pack a suitcase

A journey brings new experience and joy. But the real fun comes when you have flexibility and mobility. Remember, except some personal items, everything you need can be bought in a journey, which is even truer for foods. That’s why try to stay light and mobile.

Many people don’t do the intelligent packing. They take 2 or more bags, filled with even unnecessary items. If they knew how to pack a suitcase for 2 weeks, then all of the packing could be done in a single suitcase.

Just a little bit planning and applying the system, that’s all it takes for a memorable journey. Next time you go on a trip, don’t forget to take a second look in this article, we hope this guide helps. Wish you a happy trip with a perfectly optimized packing system. Take care..!!

  • Updated December 25, 2021
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