Best Under Seat Luggage Reviews And Buying Guides

The world is becoming a large village. We all keep hearing that. Communications have been easier, so has anyone traveling from one place to another. Nowadays, a lot of people travel from one state to another, or between countries for business, job or simply recreational purpose.

Usually, that includes a lot of journey between airports, from airlines to airlines. Thus, having the best under seat luggage has become a necessity for light and comfortable travel.

So what is an under seat luggage? The name speaks for itself, under seat luggage are suitable options to carry your belongings with you, under your seat of the plane. People prefer under seat luggage because they are light, and they help us avoid long baggage checks and waiting. Also, lost baggage is one of the common phenomena in the airport, keeping the luggage to yourself prevent that possibility.

Comparison Tables of Best Under Seat Luggage





Samsonite Wheeled Underseater Large


7.5 x 13 x 16 inches


6.85 pounds


100% Poly/nylon Blend


Samsonite Wheeled Underseater Small


13x13x6.5 inches


5 pounds


DUrable poly/nylon


Softside Luggage Carry-on Under-Seater


6.75 x 17.25 x 12.75 inches


4.6 pounds


1800D polyester


Baggallini 2 wheel under seater


14.5x15x8.5 inches


9.9 Ounces


Nickel hardware


Samsonite Softside Expandable Luggage


9 x 21 x 24 inches


11.65 pounds


100% Nylon


Under Seat Luggage Dimensions

One problem people always face is not getting proper information about the suitable under seat luggage size. Airlines don’t generally provide that information. Thus, people might find themselves in a catch when the luggage don’t fit the dimension, thus have to keep the luggage in the overhead bin.

There is a nice solution to this. Airlines might not provide the under seat dimensions, but they provide preferred pet carrier size. Pets are not meant to be put on overhead bin, so the option is keeping them under the seat, in front of you. Thus the dimension provided by the airlines gives you a good idea.

Best UnderSeat Luggage Buying Guide

There are a plethora of options when it comes to under seat luggage. There is no clear champion between them. Because the best underseat luggage varies from person to person, depending upon their needs. Let’s see the features which will help you determine which one will be suitable for you.

Wheel Type

There are two types of wheels. Inline wheels and spinner wheels. Inline wheels allow the luggage to rotate in a specific angle and comes with locking facility. Spinner wheels can facilitate 360-degree rotation.

Which one is the best? Depends on how much flexibility you want. With spinner wheels, you can change the direction of the luggage any time. You can even carry your child in one hand while handling the luggage with another hand. This helps when you travel with your family. On the other hand, inline wheels generally have limited rotation.

You might be thinking why people would use inline wheeled luggage. Well, to be honest, it’s the inline wheels that get more preference to regular travelers. The main problem with under seat carry on spinner luggage wheels is they tend to break often, especially because of their free rotation mechanism. On the other hand, inline wheels go for quite some time.

Also, inline wheels have locking facility which prevents it from moving by itself. Especially if you’re on a bus or train. A lock-free facility like spinner wheels might be annoying sometimes.

Under Seat Luggage Size: Things to consider before choosing

Size does matter when it comes to under seat luggage. It’s better to find out or have an idea of preferred size and weight capacity an airline allows for the passengers. If you go for trips to a specific place, knowing the specific dimension of the under part of the seat will be enough. If you travel among multiple places and airlines, go for the smallest size allowed.


Under seat luggage generally, comes with a telescopic handle. That means you can pull up or down. Usually, those handles are pretty strong, made of aluminum. But you’ll need the help of extra handle if you need to lift the luggage and put it anywhere. Make sure the luggage has an extra handle.


Another important thing is having pockets in your luggage. They offer additional space for passports, important documents, stuff and water bottles. Without ample pockets, having a large space of single compartment will not be enough. Your things will be mixed, messy and difficult to find. Check if the luggage has external and internal pockets, mesh pockets for extra storage.

Which Is Better? Hard Sided or Soft Sided Luggage

Again, this comes down to personal choices. Some people like hard sided luggage because it gives them freedom for rough use. While this luggage is not completely indestructible, they offer good resistance against tortures of a trip. Also, the hard part gives them a slim, stylish look which many people find attractive.

On the other hand, soft sided luggage is made of soft materials, giving them flexibility. They usually last longer than hard sided luggage. Also, they offer external pockets which are something hard sided luggage don’t have.

Another feature to look for is if the luggage is waterproof. Hard sided luggage are made of plastic or poly-carbonate, which is naturally waterproof. Soft sided luggage are made of nylon, usually rip-stop nylon, which is fairly water resistant. Going for cheap fabrics and quality might be problematic, as travel luggage are often subjected to rigorous use.

At A Glance: Our Choices For Under Seat Luggage

Top 5 Best Under Seat Luggage: Features & Details

1. Samsonite Wheeled Underseater Large

The Samsonite is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to luggage. And Samsonite Wheeled Underseater Large is one of their popular products which brings a balance between price, quality, and features. If you’re out for a 3-4 days trip, this under seater will help you with enough space, and different pockets.

Family trip or business trip, it meets most of the airplanes requirement of under seat luggage.


  • The dimension of the luggage is 7.5 x 13 x 16 inches. It will nicely fit in most under seats of airplanes. Made of the durable 900D polyester-nylon combination.
  • The luggage is inline wheel type which is usually durable, produces less resistance and friction when running on wheels. There are two extra wheels which provide stand-alone facility.
  • The handle is telescopic type and easy to pull out and in from its own compartment. The wheels come with bearings and made or polyurethane materials.
  • Apart from the main compartment, there are enough zipped pockets and meshed pockets. There is flat zippered pocket on the outside, internal wet pack pockets, and meshed pockets.


  • There is a padded compartment where a laptop can be kept safely.
  • The luggage is lightweight at 7 pounds and made of durable materials.
  • There are compression straps to keep your stuff in place.
  • Internal meshed wet pack pockets for keeping small things.


Some users said they find it slightly bigger than the dimension mentioned.

2. Samsonite Wheeled Underseater Small

Here we come with yet another Samsonite product. This under seat backpack is the smaller version of the previous one, made to blow away the size problem. The 13 x 13 x 6.5 inches is compatible for almost all airplanes. But, make sure you know the preferred dimension of the airplane before any trip.


  • Like the previous, this one is also made of nylon/polyester combination. The nylon lining and sturdy zipper closure make this bag ready for some serious use.
  • The luggage comes with inline wheels. There is ball bearing to increase the smoothness of the wheels. They are strong and durable due to the use of polyurethane materials.
  • The handle is the telescopic type and can be pulled out and in very smoothly. The locking facility helps to use the handle. The luggage comes with removable 3-1-1 pouches.
  • There are internal packing compartments and wet pack pockets for convenient storing. There is a zippered pocket in the outside part.


  • Ample space with Removable pouch, side water bottle pockets, internal pockets.
  • Easy to use the handle, wheels are smooth. Additional handles to carry the bag.
  • Durable, water resistant and resistant to frequent wear and tear.


There are too many pockets with smaller space, while a few pockets with slightly bigger space will be better.

3. Delsey Paris Softside Luggage Carry-on Under-Seater

Stylish and colorful. That’s what can be said to describe Softside Luggage Carry-on Under-Seater . The bag has stylish looks on the outside while having colorful linings internally. If your airline allows the second bag, you can use it along with your suitcase using the vertical strap at the back of this tote bag.


  • The dimension of this product is 6.75x17.25x12.75 inches. Being only 4.6 pounds in weight, you can use this bag as an under seater. The 28 inches handle provide convenience while carrying the bag by hand.
  • The bag is made of durable 1800 denier polyester. The quilted exterior gives it a nice look. The spacious internal compartment helps keep your clothes and shoes, while small pockets facilitate storing toiletries.
  • Comes with a telescopic handle to roll it over the floor. The wheels are smooth and produce less friction. You can carry a laptop up to 15 inches in the padded compartment inside.


  • Multiple carrying options. Carry it by the telescopic handle, upper handle or even by attaching it with any suitcase via the vertical strap.
  • Internal pockets and meshed linings to keep small items stored.
  • Side pockets to keep water bottles.
  • Comes with two beautiful colors.


Outside mesh pocket for water bottle should have been bigger.

4. Baggallini wheeled under seater for Trip

One of the best under seat backpack according to the users. Going for a trip to spend your holidays? Well, a backpack like Baggallini Classic Rolling Tote Bagg will definitely get you in the mood. The backpack comes in a suitable size and multiple attractive colors. The triple compartment interior provides ample space for your stuff, even laptop.


  • The dimension of the backpack is 14.5x15x8.5 inches. It can be used as an under seat luggage or for the overhead bin. Made of durable and water resistant polyester and nylon combination.
  • The backpack comes with three compartments. The first two is for storing your documents, clothes, shoes, beauty products and toiletries. The third compartment is padded and specially made to keep the laptop.
  • Comes with a telescopic handle that is easy to maneuver, It can be locked in both in and our position and kept inside the zippered compartment.
  • The inline skate wheels are made of quality materials. There are extra feet in case you want to keep the bag stand by. You can even carry the bag over other suitcase using the back side sleeve.


  • The lock straps at the main compartment keep everything in place. Internal and external pocket for extra storage.
  • The three sided helps you to open the bag from any side and to any compartment.
  • Lightweight at 5.6 pounds, durable and water resistant.
  • Beautiful design and multiple colors.


Suitable for shorter trips.

5. Samsonite Softside Expandable Luggage

Travel bags are made for rolling over smooth surfaces. That’s where inline wheels pay best. But if you ask, what is the best option when walking through the uneven surface? Or what backpack will allow you to move in any direction anytime? The answer is Samsonite Leverage LTE Underseat  Carry On Garment Bag with Wheels. The backpack features split spherical wheels.


  • The backpack comes with a dimension of 9 x 21 x 24 inches and weighs 11.65 pounds. It might not be the lightest backpack out there, might not be compatible with all under seats. Yet nonetheless, this is a complete bag that provides any storage related facility you might need on a trip.
  • The backpack is made of sturdy and Weather Resistant Coating and Oil Resistant Coating 400D x 360D Nylon. The protected, rubberized, textured corners resist any sudden wear and tear due to rough use.
  • The telescoping handle comes with gel imbued, TPR coated facility along with locking mechanism.
  • Split spherical wheel facility provide four independent wheels that can move to same or opposite direction. You can carry the bag smoothly over rough terrains, even carrying another bag or you child by the other hand.


  • Large main compartment, removable organizers for small stuff and padded laptop compartment.
  • Multiple storage facilities with wet packs, meshed and modesty pockets.
  • The case can be expanded if you need extra space.
  • Rugged, waterproof fabric and rubberized angle guard for longevity and rough use.


Look for the laptop size, presumably up to 15" inches laptop/mac book pro will fit.

Final Thought of best underseat luggage

As people are traveling more and more, the days of packing large bags with tons of stuff are almost gone. People love to travel light. Not only it gives amazing flexibility, it reduces the stress and worry of maintaining a large backpack significantly.

What would you prefer? Waiting for hours in boarding line or having a cup of coffee while waiting for the plane? If you compromise your packing items and luggage size a bit, your experience of the trip will be truly liberating.

Finding the best under seat luggage will be easy if you know which dimension and features you are looking for. We have compiled the bests from all types. So this list will help you to prioritize your choice. We wish you safe and pleasant journey. Take care..!!


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