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Luggage is your most needed confidante when you’re on a trip. While bags and backpacks are suitable for hunting or hiking trips, luggage is almost unavoidable when to go abroad, across the country, or a vacation. A luggage offers much more storage space than a backpack and a much longer and stronger performance.

Due to the confidence users put on a luggage, it often has to experience rough use. Although luggage is made to withstand extreme torture. Luggage wheels and other parts might need repairing and replacement from time to time. And this luggage repair guide will help you with that.

The good news is unless you want it intentionally, all parts of a luggage do not get damaged. If you know how to replace luggage wheels, and do some fixing to other parts from time to time, you will get a continuous service for years.

How To Replace Or Repair Luggage Wheels​

Generally, luggage wheels are the part of the body which experiences the most abuse. It’s normal because they carry the whole load. They might come loose or break. With some repair or replacing, you will use the luggage like before -

How To Fasten Luggage Wheels

One of the problems with the wheels that they sometimes come loose. In that case, you can address it yourself. Just take a screwdriver and tighten the screw. Do not over-tighten it because the wheel might start cracking. Do make leave it loose. Attach the screw firmly so that it doesn’t come loose.

How To Repair Luggage Wheels

It's better to replace a broken wheel. Because luggage sellers sell them at a cheap price. However, you can use a trick for a quick fix. If a part of your wheel is broken then remove the entire upper layer. You will be left with the round metal core. What you can do is, wipe the core, make it clean and wrap a duct tape around it.

Replace wheel that's the same size and brand

Continue wrapping for several layers, because you have to make sure the diameter is same as the other.

Then bevel the edges of the tape. Make sure they are attached uniformly. Finally, wrap a black electrical tape to make it identical to the other wheel. It won’t cost you much, but it will go for a while.

If your wheels experience a crack, you can do the same thing above the wheel. Make sure you do this to both wheels to maintain balance.

How To Replace Luggage Wheels Riveted

The sure way to continue an uninterrupted service is to replace the luggage wheel that is damaged. You have to buy a luggage wheel that matches with your current one.

Luggage wheels come with two types of attachment. Attached by a screw or riveted. Wheels attached by screw are generally easy to replace. Just unscrew the wheel with a screwdriver and remove it.

However, removing wheels riveted are slightly different, even sometimes needing professional help. If you can reach the bottom of the rivet, there is a chance to pull the rivet. You can use tools like power drill for that. If you cannot reach the bottom, then you’re in need of a professional service from a repair shop. Or have to replace the luggage.

How To Repair Luggage Handles

Luggage handles, especially telescopic handles might face problems sometimes. Like they might get jammed, or awkward moving. In that case, you have to replace the handle. It’s easy for most of the handles but sometimes you might need professional help.

Problems in telescopic luggage handle might initiate due to any debris stuck on the path, or simply by gathering of dirt and dust. To address that, unscrew the telescopic handle and look if there’s something stuck on the way. Remove if you see anything. Apply oil or lubricant before you put the handle back.

If you do not find anything, then the mechanism might have been broken and you need to replace it. In most cases it’s simple, the telescopic handles are attached by screws on the outside and inside. Removing the outside screws are easy, but inside screws might be stubborn sometimes. If you cannot reach the inside screws, the reason is there is no unzip facility, then go to a repair shop.

Another type of handle is carried type handle. The attachment mechanism of those handles is pretty simple, two screws on the outside and two at the inside. Just use a screwdriver unless you face the same problem with the inner screws.

How To Repair Luggage Zipper

Luggage zippers might face problems like getting broken, stuck or tangled. The zippers might in need to be replaced.

Coil zippers are being used more and more by the manufacturers and they are better in terms of performance. They can be returned to original position once they are stuck.

However, regular zippers might not provide that facility always. The best precaution is applying lubricant on a daily basis. Even candle wax will do the trick. In case those zippers get stuck, just apply some lubricants or wax alongside the teeth and the zipper will get freed.

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You have to be careful with traveling with a problematic zipper at the first place. Many people ignore the problem, only to face helplessness when a real problem comes. Remember, replacing a zipper generally isn’t a “Do it yourself” job, which might require going to a repair shop or replace the whole bag.

Wrap Up

The storage a luggage offers often is a comforting solution for all of us. Especially, a luggage provides much more than just storage. The structure and shape of a luggage offer convenient to travel from one place to another through airlines, buses, and trains. That’s why, it has been preferred by users who travel often or occasionally, be it for vacation, family tour or official work.

Nobody wants the mean of comfort to turn into a hassle. That’s why always check the luggage before loading it and do not forget to test the zippers. Also, gain some knowledge about DIYs like how to replace luggage wheels, or repair them yourself for a quick fix. This might save you in any unexpected scenario.

We hope our luggage repair guide was helpful for you. Have you ever experienced any trouble with your luggage on a trip? Let us know how you solved it. Take care!

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